Pilot Ratings

Ratings reflect the amount of practice that you have completed with IVAO, based on time spent on controls and number of successfully completed exams.

As soon as you have collected enough hours of practise and training, you can apply for the theoretical and practical exam of the next higher rating. The ratings are done in the sequence shown, you cannot jump over an intermediate rating.

The IVAO Training Department establishes minimum standards for each rating level. Your local division may require additional higher standards.

This table shows which ratings are available at IVAO, and which requirements you will have to fulfill to attain a rating. Your current rating is shown in your IVAO Profile under “Pilot Info”.

Badge Title Minimum Hours Theoretical Exam Practical Exam Briefing Guide Remarks
Basic Flight Student (FS1) 0 Not required Rating given when registering with IVAO.
Flight Student (FS2) 10 Not required Rating automatically achieved after completing the minimum hours.
Advanced Flight Student (FS3) 25 Refer to the software manual for IvAp Theoretical exam about IVAO's Pilot Client (IvAp).
Private Pilot (PP) 50 PP Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Senior Private Pilot (SPP) 100 SPP Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Commercial Pilot (CP) 200 CP Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) 750 ATP Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Senior Flight Instructor (SFI) Special rating for experienced instructors and examiners. Will be issued by TD/TAD on an as-need basis.
Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) Honorary rating. Is given to the Training Director and Training Assistant Director and retained after retirement.