Training Instructors

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Adam James

Adam likes to keep things simple, is willing to share his knowledge with both pilots and ATC and has been around for years.

Joined September 11, 2003 (Division Director)

Paul Vermeulen

Paul is very knowledgable in both ATC and Pilot operations and willing to help anyone.

Joined September 26, 2000 (Training Assistant Coordinator)

Peter Matters

Peter is willing to assist those wanting to learn to become an ATC Controller.

Joined March 26, 2010 (Training Advisor)

Michael Wethereld

Mike is an experienced C2 controller and willing to assist in anyone wanting a training session.

Joined January 11, 2003 (Training Advisor)

Sascha Steigenhöfer

Sascha has a wealth of experience in both piloting and controlling and holds the highest ratings in the division.

Joined May 3, 2004 (ATC Assistant Coordinator)
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