The Oceanic Region is participating in the GCA programme according to Rules and Regulations.

Any user who wants to control position in the XO Division has to apply for an approval.

For an approval the following requirements apply:

  1. The user shall be able to perform ATC duties in English language. Knowledge of the local language is not neccessary.
  2. The user must have knowledge of the LOA of the position requested (if any).
  3. The user must have knowledge of the general procedures applied in the Division.
  4. The user must have a clean suspension history within the last 12 months
  5. GCA approvals are at the sole discretion on the Oceanic Region HQ Training Staff and the Director.
  6. A theoretical and/or practical check is always performed.
  7. The behavior of the user, especially in respect to other users, must be in accordance with IVAO and Division spirits.
  8. The GCA will be shown in the user’s profile. It is shown by division, however if Division HQ allows controlling only on certain FRA positions, the member has to adhere to such restrictions.
  9. The GCA can be withdrawn at any time by Division HQ if the requirements are not met any more.

C1 or above rated controllers can expect to be assessed both theory and practicle at CTR/APP/TWR/GND/DEL level at any position of their choosing within the Oceanic Region FIR.

NOTE: Members with a rating lower than Aerodrome Controller (C1) will not be considered for a GCA.

GCA holders can only service the Lower Center postions or below. Upper Center positions are not to be used unless prior permission is granted.

Member who wish to get the GCA are strongly requested to prepare themselves throughly before making the request. This can be done by observing local members while they are controlling and studying the charts and procedures available on the website.

If members who have been awarded the GCA are observed by any XO-DIV staff member performing malpractises within the YBBB, YMMM, NZZC and NZZO FIRs, the XO-staff reserves the right to withdraw the GCA from the member.

We kindly request all members who wish to gain a XO-Division approval to be patient.


XO-Division Staff

Members listed here have been accessed and approved to control in the Oceanic Region.

Division Name Rating Status
Flag Filipe Fonseca 205631 Rank
Flag Balazs Dudas 319993 Rank
Flag Udo Korbanka 187023 Rank
Flag Karl Widborg 473736 Rank
Flag Balint Takacs 373396 Rank
Flag Relja Zaric 470932 Rank
Flag Tim Bertram 466778 Rank
Flag Quentin Fusier 301586 Rank
Flag Tommy Dutruel 446760 Rank
Flag Luca Born 460185 Rank
Flag Shaun Sullivan 170639 Rank
Flag Marco Pache 506989 Rank
Flag Kieran Pirie 504901 Rank
Flag Louis Verdeau 446797 Rank
Flag Francesco Mura 449828 Rank
Flag Samuel Martinez 497664 Rank
Flag Miguel Angel Restrepo 491072 Rank
Flag Joao Braganca 379042 Rank
Flag Fida Perkasa 495358 Rank
Flag Gerry Soejatman 279016 Rank