• By Events Department
  • XO-EC
  • Posted February 8, 2021

[12 Feb | 12z - 16z] [ID+MY+TH+XE+XO] STRAITS LUNAR LUNACY

Chinese New Year 2021 is going to be a unique and yet difficult time. As Singapore remains relatively closed to international air traffic for Chinese New Year celebrations, the demand has shifted to the nearby two airports: Batam and Johor Bahru.

As the rat moves out and the ox moves in, we want to make a unique experience using 2 opposite traffic flows with the following 4 routes:
1. Jakarta - Johor Bahru
2. Christmas Island - Johor Bahru
3. Phuket - Batam
4. Ho Chi Minh City - Batam

Enjoy the unique experience of opposite flow congestion with these two nearby cities.



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